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Certified Public Accountants who provide confidential, personal and customized services to individuals and businesses.


Internet technology services are now provided by Dovetail Internet Technologies, Inc.

Web Sites --Web Design, Web Development and site Maintenance- Everyone is thinking about using the Web. Where should you start? How can you use the web for profit? What does it cost? How does it work? We can assist with all of these questions and more. You may want an internet, extranet or intranet site. Perhaps you are looking for a family or personal web site. We can help with any phase from estimating, designing, developing and maintaining your web site.    See how you can get paid to shop (click here) .

Business Computer Systems Consulting Services:

BaaN Finance - Our BaaN services include implementation, system analysis, customization management and user support. Whether you are installing BaaN finance for the first time, cutting over from a legacy system, upgrading to a newer release or dealing with on-going user support and changing business requirements we have experience in all areas. Data bridges with other systems need to be designed appropriately and timely. Accounts receivable matching and electronic banking must meet today's industry demands with 'two way' matching and automatic electronic processing. Understanding how BaaN finance tables function is mandatory. We provide the necessary analysis and will assist you in developing solutions to meet these requirements. User support is a constant demand on IS and accounting personnel. By bridging the gap between these two knowledge bases we may trouble shoot user and program errors more timely and meet the financial reporting demands your business requires. Patches may be developed and implemented or queries written and utilized to provide long-term solutions for recurring errors.

Analysis: If you run a business you will have tons of data to manage and you may want to view that data in many formats in time to make decisions. We can assist you in analyzing your business needs in order to streamline that data and make it more presentable and accessible.

Implementations: Every business finds it may benefit by computerizing some aspect of its operations or reporting. But, what system? We can assist in product selection, hardware and personnel resource requirement assessment, installation and training.

Conversions: Upgrading is not always 'plug and play'. We can assist in analyzing your conversion to identify key data elements, the best migration path and necessary software tools. We will work with you to develop a conversion plan and manage to that timetable.

Internal Controls: Large and small business owners need to know internal controls are in place and functioning to protect their assets and ensure they are not unnecessarily derailed from their business objectives. We can provide an internal controls review to identify potential weaknesses and recommend solutions.

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Tax planning:

We can help you and/or your employees evaluate the tax impact of a person's choice of state for residency, for employment, for retirement, for business location and for ownership of rental property. An individual's ownership or participation in a partnership, subchapter S corporation or limited liability corporation also has federal and state tax implications.

We can assist with:

  • Choice of legal entity for business purposes (See new businesses)
  • Sale or purchase of a business - tax advantages and disadvantages for the buyer and for the seller
  • Sale or purchase of a residence including calculation of the tax basis of your home
  • Conversion of vacation or second home to a rental property
  • Determination of tax basis of investment assets such as securities purchased as a part of a dividend reinvestment plan
  • Determination of tax basis of securities acquired as a result of merger or acquisition of companies in which you owned one or more securities of the merged or acquired companies

Tax return preparation:

We prepare Federal and all state income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, Subchapter S corporations, limited liability corporations; payroll tax returns. Preparation includes assembly of documentation and supporting information and review of that information for compliance with current tax law and for possible additional deductions or other tax benefits.

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Business Advisory Services

We can assist you with the following:

  • New businesses; Choice of legal entity for tax purposes such as corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation, Subchapter S Corporation
  • Evaluate and explain tax consequences of financing alternatives for expansion, working capital, inventory, machinery, equipment, vehicles and other business assets.
  • Employees vs. independent contractors
  • Bookkeeping services for small and medium sized businesses
  • Financial advisory services
  • College financial aid forms

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